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Celebration of National Council of Negro  

Women Founder 142nd Birthday

Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune

Celebrating Mrs, Geraldine Travis  2019

Breaking down barriers Mrs. Geraldine Travis made history, by becoming the first black and first female to become Great Falls Montana State House Representative, in 1974. We thank her for placing a crack in that ceiling and making history in our nation.

Geraldine Travis Bill  Signing.jpg

Celebrating Accomplishments of our Membership  2021

                        Attorney Genene  Dyer

Attorney Genene Dyer  was appointed as Commissioner of Maricopa County Superior Court by a Presiding Judge. The selection committee was made up of Judges, attorneys, and other individuals. She will be handling specific assigned cases in family law. Probate / mental health, juvenile and dept. of economic security.  
Genene Dyer 1.jpg
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